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Recently Published

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May 2018

Money and Currency in African History (Jane I. Guyer, Karin Pallaver)

April 2018

Ethnicity in Africa (Gabrielle Lynch)
The Bantu Expansion (Koen Bostoen)

March 2018

HIV/Aids in South Africa (Rebecca Hodes)
Portuguese Colonialism in Africa (Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo)

February 2018

Oral Traditions as Sources (Stephen Belcher)
The Anlu Rebellion (Jacqueline-Bethel Tchouta Mougoué)

January 2018

December 2017

Archaeozoology: Methods (Veerle Linseele), summary
Women and Post-Independence African Politics (Gretchen Bauer, Akosua Darkwah, Donna Patterson)